Getting thick and unruly hair into shape

27 October 2017

In our Manchester Hair Salon, it is getting busy as we are heading up to halloween but there’s no need for you to be at the mercy of wild and fiendish hair!  We know for some of you it sometimes feel as if thick and unruly hair has a mind of its own!  Let’s just reassure you that you certainly can train it to look fabulous.  In this post, we share some practical tips on how to get your wayward locks under control!

Find a style that works

The good news is there are lots of style options which will beautifully transform thick and unruly hair.  Consider some of these ideas, but do talk to one of our Manchester hair stylists first about what will best suit your features, hair type and lifestyle

1. A precision-cut bob can work well for thick hair that just loves to be straight. Adding in a fringe can accentuate your features and also add dimension toThick and unruly hair solution 4 the whole look.

2. Longer hair can be given layers which both reduce the thickness and slim down the weight of your hair. Layers can be added throughout or at the front for added definition. Conditioning sprays and gentle blow-drying can also prevent those layers drying out too much and becoming frizzy. Drop into our Manchester Salons and speak to one of our hair designers for some advice.

3. Thick long hair doesn’t have to be boring! A secret undercut can be designed to be revealed for when you’re feeling in the mood for a different short term look.

4. Thick curly hair cThick and unruly hair solution 2an also be layered and styled into bobs or manageable mid-length looks.

5.Colouring techniques can be used to give different contrasts and depths to a hair style. This makes thick hair look more chic and elegant.

6. Up-dos and plait combinations also help to create a more controlled and elegant appearance.

Time-saving techniques

If you’re pushed for time and can’t face another morning battle with your hair, why not try some of these quick fixes:

  • Practise quick up-dos that will take a few minutes to do in the morning but look great for the rest of the dayThick and unruly hair solution 3
  • Plait your hair before you go to bed so it has less tangles to deal with in the morning
  • Respect your hair type and give extra nourishing
  • treatments
    throughout the week to help keep it calm. Thick and coarse hair can be prone to drying out so help it stay hydrated with weekly conditioning serums, or masks
  • Use mousse and gels to damp hair before drying to help manage and control wayward hair as you style. Be prepared to concentrate on sections of hair one at a time to maintain control

Can we help?

Thick and unruly hair solution 5As you may have spotted on this site and our Instagram, twitter and facebook pages, the Melissa Salons’ team have a great track-record in transforming thick and unruly hair into fabulous and stunning hairstyles.  If you would like us to make your hair beautiful  book a consultation at our Manchester Hair Salon.



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