Hair tutorials

We want our clients to love their hair – both when they leave the salon, and when they recreate their hairstyle at a later date.

Whether you have short, long or medium hair, our clients should feel confident that their beautiful new look can be reproduced from the comfort of their home.

This is why, as well as taking our time during appointments to listen to clients and create the hairstyle they want, we are also passionate about sharing our ideas and tips in expert hair tutorials.

Hugely popular with customers reassured they’re being guided by experts in hair styling, here you can easily find the information you need to recreate the style you want with our easy hair tutorials.

On this page you’ll find video hair tutorials covering a wide range of different styles and techniques, from an elegant updo to French braids.


Curly hair tutorial

We LOVE curly and wavy hair. Maximise its look through conditioner wet styling or smooth infusion shampoo. Watch our hair tutorial below or click here to read more of our top tips on how to style the curls of your thick hair.


How to create a textured choppy fringe

Using long hair to create a messy, bed-head look is so on-trend right now – especially when step hair comprises the rest of the style. Take a look at our how-to video, then click here to find out more about our step textured, choppy fringe tutorial.


Braid tutorial

If you don’t want to wear your hair down, an alternative to the everyday bun is to get creative with the world of braids. With a variety of different possibilities including the french twist, fishtail braid, crown braid and dutch braid, these styles are contemporary, stylish and fun. Click here for more information on how to get your braid on.

How to cut and style the IT girl fringe

The IT girl fringe actually suits most face shapes, but it takes care and attention to get it right. Head over to our tutorial here to find out more about styling your IT girl fringe.

The ultimate glamorous beach wave

Discover how to use lightweight styling foam to achieve the ultimate glamorous beach wave with our how-to video. The glamorous beach wave look can also be used in a variety of ponytail hairstyles, including the messy bun updo and is an everyday easy style. Click here to find out more about this voluminous hair look.

How to create texture in short hair with GHDs

Discover how to create ultimate texture in your short hair using our GHD techniques. Suitable for all manner of hair colours, click here to find out more about this tutorial.

Bun hairstyles

A hairstyle that’s often overlooked is the simple bun. Incredibly versatile, a messy top knot can add a rebellious edge to your look while a low bun can create an elegant look perfect for a sophisticated date night. Find out more about the different bun hairstyles at your disposal here.

Melissa Timperley hair tutorials

We hope you have enjoyed this selection of how-to hair tutorials from Melissa Timperley and the team. We are an award-winning team of hair designers based in Manchester city centre. Find out more about Melissa and the team, or read more of our hair care tips here.