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Seeing red? Redhead hair care essentials

2 September 2019

There is probably no more stunning look than a beautifully cut and styled redhead. Whether it is coloured or natural, red definitely turns heads! That look comes at a price, however. Compared to blonde and brunette colours, red hair colour needs a bigger helping hand to maintain its colour and shine.  In this article we share our redhead hair care essentials.

In our Manchester Salon we’ve seen an increasing trend for clients wanting that stunning look. The Autumn season is certainly inspiring people to embrace reds, brunettes and other hues of red.

Of course, we can help you to choose the exact colour or blend to suit your hair type, your style, face shape and life routine. We use Wella colour because in our opinion and experience it gives the best results and – just as importantly – it lasts.

And as our Manchester Salons’ team are often asked for their redhead hair care tips, here they are…

Use these tips to prolong your new redhead look

Cut back on washing – the more you wash your hair, the more the colour fades. Try a dry shampoo instead to avoid stripping out essential oils and colour.

Pick a colour-sealing conditioner – go for a conditioner that’s tailored to redheads. Conditioner needs to help lock in the colour and maintain that glossy look in the weeks ahead.

Sun protection – going into Autumn, especially in Manchester, we’re not expecting too much sunshine. But if you are jetting off for a sun-filled holiday, be mindful strong sunlight can also fade your colour. If you can’t avoid going out, spritz your hair with a UV protection hair spray or wear a hat or scarf.

Keep your ends under control – It’s the ends of your hair which are the first to fade.  Keep on top of your red colour control with regular visits to the salon for a trim.

Other redhead hair care tips

If you are thinking that red is the way to go for you, the best way to get the advice you want is to have a full consultation with us. Before you come into the salon do take a look online and in magazines and in our gallery to get a sense of the colour you think will suit you best.

You won’t be surprised to know that there are dozens of shades and some are likely to suit you more than others depending on your skin tone. If you see an image with a full head of red hair that you might like for yourself, then take a picture of it. It is much more difficult to visualise that same colour from a small sample on a colour chart. Remember, red turns heads…if you fancy a change why not give it a go?

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