How to Wash Your Hair Like a Professional – And Feel Great!

14 September 2019

We could all do with some Autumnal pampering as the return to work after the summer holiday often marks a busy period for many.  One of the things that make you feel fabulous when you go to a great hairdresser is the way they massage your scalp when your hair is being shampooed. But how can you recreate that wonderful feeling at home?  How can you wash your hair like a professional?


How to Wash Your Hair Like a Professional

Here’s the secret and why not try it next time you are in the shower.

  1. Get the shampoo on, lather up, then start massaging your head from the base of your neck up the back of your head towards your temples. For tips on gorgeous products to try, just contact us.
  2. Use your thumbs in a circular motion and feel the movement of your scalp.
  3. Take your time, and aim to really get your scalp moving with your fingers.
  4. Rinse when you are ready, and you will jump out of that shower feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to go!


Don’t forget at Melissa Timperley all our cutting and styling services come with a relaxing hair wash and head massage.  If you deserve some pampering this month, why not book an appointment?

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