Flyaway Hair

Manage flyaway hair with these easy to apply tips

10 September 2019

With Autumn’s arrival so too comes a new set of weather conditions to test even the calmest hairstyles! Be it going from a cool climate to hot one (as central heating systems kick in), tackling breezey days or even if you’ve got a bit carried away brushing –  all this can make your hair super-charged with static electricity.  The result is flyaway hair. Don’t despair though – if you have a flyaway hair day just try these five simple tips.

1.Ditch your plastic comb

Plastic combs create static and flyaway hair.  Use a metal one instead as it discharges the electricity in your hair that causes the problem. You can get one at your nearest pharmacy or online. Opt for a good quality one though – they are relatively inexpensive and will last years if you look after it properly.

2. Use a moisturising shampoo

This will hydrate your hair and keep it sleek.  Drinking plenty of water and eating healthily will help too. We recommend shampoos from the UNITE range as they are designed by hairdressers for hairdressers and are paraben free. Do check which type will suit you best with your Hair Designer though. You will be surprised at the effect a professional wash and a good shampoo can have. Equally, if you use the wrong one for your hair type you could find that you have created a different problem – heavy lank hair, for example. We will be delighted to advise you.

3. Give it a spray

A thin layer of hairspray will keep static and flyaway under control.  The secret is to get the spray to go from the root to the tip of your hair as it helps to stop static energy building up at your scalp. Don’t overdo it though or you will obviously find your hair becomes stiff as a board!

4. A quick fix when you’re out and about

In a flyaway emergency situation try this trick, as it works really well as a short term fix. If you don’t have hairspray to hand, you can always use some hand cream or water instead.  Lightly damp down the ends of your hair to calm things down – don’t put it on at the hair roots though as this will just give you a greasy and static combo.  Not the look you want! Or if you are ever near our Manchester hair salon you can always pop in and use our mirrors to perfect the quick fix.

5. Keep your cool

Finally, if you regularly tend to get flyaway hair take a look at your hair drying routine. It may be that you are using too much heat on your hair – the hairdryer is too hot – or holding the hairdryer too close to your head. Be gentle with yourself and turn down the dial to a gentler pace and a lower temperature.  It may take a little longer to achieve the look you want, but the effort will be worth it in terms of less flyaways – and your hair will thank you for it too.

Can we help

And if you’re frequently finding yourself battling with flyaway hair, why not book in for a consultation with us?  We can review your hair care regime and style and help you to find a more manageable but still gorgeous look.  Contact the Salon’s team on t: 0161 834 5945 or e:

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