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Want Glossy, Gorgeous Hair? Eat these 4 Superfoods…

6 March 2017

With spring now officially here, it’s good to make the most of the latest fresh produce in the shops and give your hair some key nutrients after winter’s chill.  We’re often asked what are the best superfoods for fabulous, healthy-looking hair.  Having worked with many hair types over the years, here are our four recommendations of superfoods for gorgeous hair.


Superfoods for Gorgeous Hair


Salmon is great because it’s high in Omega 3 and protein both of which help sustain healthy hair. So, if your locks look dull, and your scalp is dry, introduce more fish dishes into your diet.


Most people know that berries are a ‘superfood’ – they’re great for the body and equally great for your hair. Berries contain lots of vitamin C which are vital for the growth and maintenance of your hair. There are plenty of berry varieties to choose from and the fresher they are the more vitamin C they’ll have.  Look for ones that have been grown closer to home.


Not everyone’s favourite veg – but they are packed full of zinc. If you are going for salmon (tip No 1), why not add some lentils?  A double-whammy for tip top hair!  Lentils are great when you add spices or seasonings to them.

Snack on Seeds

Fatty seeds like sunflower seeds are fabulous for Vitamin E which helps blood circulate around the body and gets more goodness to your hair. Buy a snack pack in the supermarket instead of crisps and introduce more seeds into things like cereal and salads in your diet.


Why not book in for a personal consultation?

For more advice and guidance on how to give your hair a nutritional boost, why not book in for a consultation?  We’ll talk you through nutrition and styling options that will put vitality back into your hair and improve its health and shine in the weeks and months ahead. Want to know how to wash your hair like a professional? Read our blog, How to Wash Your Hair Like a Professional – And Feel Great now for some brilliant tips.

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