Balayage 2019 ideas

2019 Balayage Hair Colour Ideas

27 September 2019

One of the quickest and easiest ways to keep current and fashionable, no matter what your age, is spending three hours – or less – in the salon for a precision cut and fabulous colour using balayage techniques with a highly skilled stylist.

What is balayage?

Balayage is the French hair colouring technique where the colour is painted onto the hair by hand, as opposed to traditional highlighting methods using foils. The freehand application allows a more natural effect to be created, with subtle transitions between the chosen spectrum of colours ranging from blonde, brunette, chocolate and red through to pastel shades and even bright neon-style colours if that’s your thing!

Balayage ideas for 2019

Balayage is one of our clients’ favourite ways to achieve a seasonal ‘on trend’ look that will last. Here, we’ve selected 6 balayage styles worn by some of our lovely clients to give you some ideas that can work for you too. Come in and talk to us about what’s on your mind.

Long waves with long caramel balayage

Very subtle brunette blond balayage

Soft cool-toned, ash brown balayage

Long hair, tumbling curls and rich caramel highlights certainly make for a sophisticated and timeless combination. The colour touches here also bring greater  sparkle and depth to hairstyles on dreary dark wintry days. What’s not to like about this stunning look? 

The best balayages are the ones where all the colours beautifully and seamlessly blend together.

To carry this off successfully, you need a really good hair cut to match, incorporating layers for movement, particularly if you have longish hair.

Every hair colour works with a balayage – dark hair included. It is about finding the right colours to complement your natural tone. 

If you want something a little more subdued and understated, go with ashen touches to lighten the look.

Medium hair and multi-coloured balayage for greater depth

Shaggy lob with subtle balayage to blend in lighter hues

Caramel tones layers for brunettes especially for the darker months

It is quite possible, because of the hand-painted technique, to have multi-tones in your balayage, so ask your stylist about what would be complementary and suit the style you want to achieve.  

Done well, balayage can be very subtle too. Here, we’ve painted fabulous light hues complemented by others through the length to give that wonderfully understated but fabulous feel.

A caramel tone can lift dark hair while looking fantastic. 

The key is to choose a colour that will have the right level of lift and contrast to make a sophisticated difference.

Can we help?

If you would like to make the most of Balayage in your 2019 styling, why not contact our team of specialists for an initial consultation.

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