Working from home hairstyles

Working from home hairstyles that will help you feel good

16 April 2020

Home is now the new workplace for many of us. For some that means daily work now involves more video calls and web-based meetings, where we still need to look professional.

For others, and as part of our mental wellbeing during this difficult time, we need some definition between work and play when confined to the same space. That definition can come from a simple thing as having a ‘work hair look’ and a ‘home hair’ look when the working day is over.

Watch the video tutorial

Here are our tips on how to create ‘working from home’ hairstyles that help you feel – and look – fabulous. For starters, watch Melissa’s video tutorial.

Here are some other ideas to try

Sleek and slicked back

Using the right products you can slick back short hair to create a stylish sleek look. This is definitely one if you’ve slept in a little longer than you should, the videoconference is due, and need a quick, professional look in a hurry.

  1. Dampen your hair first, and sleek it back behind the ears into the position you want. A side parting works wonders here.
  2. Then apply a gel like product or a super strong hairspray to keep it in place. Our favourite hairspray is UNITE GO365 as it can be changed from light, medium and hard hold at the twist of the nozzle.

Choose a plait

There are lots of ways you can use plaits to give yourself a stylish and elegant look. As well as traditional French braids, try a front plait (going from temple to temple and incorporating your fringe as you do), or a side plait. You could even take the side strands of your hair, plait them and then pin them up for a partial updo.

Have a look at this article on our website for some more practical plait ideas.

You can also view this tutorial from Melissa on instagram on how to do a fishtail plait.

Create an Updo

A simple braid updo is really versatile and you can wear it so many ways – Crown Braids, Dutch Braids, Halo Braids, Top Knot style or as a Chignon.

Also, if you’re not one to toss and turn in your sleep, you can always do the plait the night before and then pin it when you wake up. It works on all lengths of hair – you can just braid the sides if you’ve got a mid-length hair style. And of course it is a style that lends itself to great accessorising! So, you’ll look like you’ve spent ages on your hair, when in fact it’s only taken a few minutes!

A bun can look great

For another elegant look, sweep back your hair into a bun or chignon. Buns don’t all have to be tight affairs. They can look just as good in a loose mode. And have a play with which height of bun works well for you. You can pile it up high, head midway or even have a low bun for a stylish impression.


Hair clips, hair bands and scarves also help you create a more professional ‘work’ appearance for hair short and long. For some you may want to add more volume to your hair first, or straighten and sleek back. When it comes to adding volume, we recommend using curlers or a curling wand on the crown of your hair to give added lift. Lots of great headbands and accessories are still available online.

Create texture in your hair

You can use styling wands or straighteners to also add texture and classy curls to your hair style.

Have a look at this short tutorial which we recorded before the coronavirus situation and social distancing measures were introduced. It shows you how to create a lovely look.


There are many to choose from. You can pile them high or have them low hanging. For added sophistication wrap a thin section of hair around the base of your ponytail to conceal the elastic. Or, once you have your hair in a ponytail, use curling tongs to give your long tresses a curled or waved look.

There’s also the inside out ponytail. For this:

  1. put all your hair in a low back ponytail
  2. then use your fingers to create a small hole at the base of the ponytail
  3. now put your fingers up through that hole and bring the ponytail back down through it to flip it inside out.

Can we help?

Our team have lots of experience and advice to share. If you found these tips helpful and would like us to cover other hair care topics while we are closed, please email us at

Stay safe and keep well.

Love Melissa x

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