Why Balayage Isn’t Just For Long Hair

6 February 2020

At the Manchester Balayage Centre at Melissa Timperley Salons, our specialists are often asked if balayage is only really suited to long hair styles. The answer is absolutely not!

Balayage can be used to sweep different colours and shades into hair of all length and textures!  It comes as such a relief to clients who have short hair, curly hair, thinning hair (to name but a few) that balayage certainly does apply to them.

Here are some stunning examples

brunette balayagemid length balayage

short blonde balayagebalayage bob


Talk to an expert

Balayage requires experience and skill to achieve a stunning result.  When there’s less hair to work with, such as with shorter hair style, that skill is crucial.  So, when thinking about a balayage style for yourself, be sure to check out your stylist’s track record.  You should be reassured that they can create the look you want whatever your hair length and texture.

Curly balayage styles

Skill is certainly needed when applying the balayage technique to curly hair.  Done well this can give wonderful depth and variety to naturally curly locks.  The good news is at the Manchester Balayage Centre at Melissa Timperley Salons, our team of specialists are highly experienced in creating beautiful balayage styles with curly hair.  Take a look at these…

curly balayagewavy balayage

curly balayagewavy balayage

Lots of colours to choose from

Within the balayage colour palette there’s something for everyone.  We can certainly cater for those seeking:

  • Sun-kissed naturally looking styles that will have people asking if you’ve just been on holiday
  • Bright, bold colours which will make that ‘statement look’ you want
  • Rich and deep tones – adding warmth and fullness to your style
  • Eye-catching and head-turning transformations
  • Subtle hues and blends to gently accentuate your look

Invest in a good cut too

A balayage colour works brilliantly when combined with a good cut, and this is even more important if you have shorter hair.  Remember that the contrast of dark and light in the sweeps of balayage colour will bring different elements of your hair style into the spotlight.  Make sure your overall look is one of a total ‘wow’, rather than your balayage being let down slightly by the quality of your cut.

Go for it!

So now you know that balayage isn’t just for long hair. Go for the style you’ve always dreamed of, and contact one of our team of balayage specialists at the Manchester Balayage Centre at Melissa Timperley Salons for an initial consultation.


Contact us on tel 0161 834 5945,  email us at appointments@melissa-salons.com or book online at www.melissa-salons.com


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