Split ends hair remedies

Rescue remedies for split ends

28 December 2017

No one likes split ends.  They can be a real frustration and with the extremes of cold weather and hot central heating around, hair can dry out and split that much more easily.  But there are some things you can do to prevent splits happening, or stop them in their tracks.

Here are some rescue remedies to tackle your split ends and get your hair looking glossy and healthy again.

Rethink your layers and styling technique

Ask your hairdresser to reduce the number of layers in your hair. Go for longer layers where you can, as the ‘weight’ will help your hair fall more naturally. On the styling front, it’s always best to use a diffuser – it will help you to keep the body and shape of your hair when blow-drying. Try not to make the heat setting too hot. A great conditioner and hair moisturiser will help here too, of course.

Cut and condition

First the bad news; once your hair has split the best thing to do it is to get it cut. To avoid that drama if you don’t want it, the secret is to use an excellent conditioner or serum and leave it on for as long as possible, not just 10 seconds. This will help to keep your hair both supple and moisturised. We can suggest a UNITE product to suit your hair type.  Next, blow dry gently, using a diffuser and all will be fine.

Ditch the turban

How many films have you seen where the freshly showered heroine has a towel strategically placed on her head. Great visuals for films but not good for your hair. Why? The cotton tends to roughen the cuticles, leave them open and susceptible to split ends. Far better is to comb and let your hair dry naturally while you do your make up. Then blow dry from there.

Check your hair’s hydrated and getting all the nutrients it needs

Dried-out hair will become brittle and split.  You can combat this by keeping yourself hydrated, eating all the nutrients that hair loves and using product treatments to give it the tender loving care it needs. Check out this article we wrote with tips on how to rehydrate hair.

Can we help?

If you are struggling with split ends, why not book a free consultation with one of our team?  We can advise on a style and care regime to put the gloss, shine and health back into your hair.

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