Your wintry weather curly hair regime

15 January 2019

Cold, rain, snow and wind can spell disaster for those of us with curls.  Even the warm dry air generated by central heating is no help!  If you think the answer is to wear a hat, any curly haired girl will tell you that’s often a ‘no go’ area too! So, what IS the answer?  Well, to help you through the colder months and emerge with your hair still looking fab, we’ve put together four tips in conjunction with our friends at to gently caress your curls gently into the warmer spring weather.

Tip 1: Eat well, exercise and get some sleep

home hair spa tip 5Healthy curls start from within. While it’s tempting to indulge in comfort foods in the cold and dark weather, make sure you’re keeping it healthy.

Get plenty of rest, eat your vegetables, and exercise to keep your body healthy. And make sure you’re hydrating with plenty of water too. Stress and poor nutrition can prevent curls from growing well.

Tip 2: Wash less

Unless you are a fitness fanatic, the chances are that you’ll be sweating less in the colder months. This should mean you can wash your hair less frequently. Washing removes your natural oils, so do your best to avoid overwashing your strands and allow the natural oils to lubricate your coils. Over time, your hair will be less prone to frizziness and split ends.

Another way of washing less is to use a dry shampoo. It works in replacement of shampoo on the days you are not washing your hair. It can extend the longevity of your washes, provide volume, and add texture to curls that need a bit of TLC.

Tip 3: Wash correctly

When you do wash your curls, make sure you’re doing it in the correct way for your hair! Massage your scalp in small circles to break up any build up and excess oils. Once curls are clean, follow up with a deep conditioning treatment. Not only will this be great for detangling, it will also rehydrate any moisture lost during the cleansing process.

When washing, only apply shampoo to your scalp and make sure to massage in slow circles.. This will encourage healthy growth and not oil overproduction. Once you’re done massaging, allow the shampoo to rinse down through your strands to cleanse them.

After you’re done conditioning, it can be tempting to whack on the conditioner all the way you’re your roots to tips. Don’t do that, because adding conditioner close to your roots can encourage excess oil to build up. Its best to use conditioner only from the mid shaft to ends. For best results simply cover all your strands, relax for 5-10 minutes and then wash off. You will notice the difference.

Tip 4: Avoid heat

During the winter months, do your best to avoid over-using heat on your curls.  This includes hair dryers and heat tools, as they can be very drying and can damage delicate strands stressed by the cold conditions. One exception to this rule would be to use steam to help your hair absorb deep conditioners and oils.

Can we help?

As specialists in curls and waves, our team are masters in helping your hairstyle to look amazing.  If you would like to give your curls a makeover or some tender loving care this winter, why not book in for an initial consultation.  Phone the Salon on 0161 834 5945 or email:

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