Looking Gorgeous – Despite the Winter Weather

19 December 2016

As the winter is well and truly with us, now’s the time to take even more care of your hair. Gone are the days of protecting your hair from the drying effects of the sun and sea on holiday. Now we’re into the challenges of looking great despite the wind, rain and, heaven forbid, snow! Add to that the drying effects of central heating and your hair needs all the support it can get.  So to help you looking your best this season, here are some winter weather hair care essentials.

Winter Weather Hair Care

Why not try these easy to adopt tips:

  1. A neat ponytail is often the answer for long hair.
    • The key is to keep the hair in tip-top condition through the use of a good serum or hair oil to avoid split ends and frizziness. Try one that helps to strengthen and protects your hair. Use it regularly to keep the shine, and to avoid frizzy hair, whether it is through weather damage or the effects of central heating.
  2. Get yourself a great conditioner and use it every time you shampoo
    • to avoid breaking your ends during styling. If you do have to style your hair with a hot hairdryer/tongs or irons make sure you protect it first. There are lots of great products to choose from, but look out for the ones that can help your hair to cope with even the highest of temperatures. Damaged hair doesn’t easily repair, so it pays to do your upmost to keep it looking its best through effective protection.
  3. Work with your natural hair type.
    • The problem with wind and rain-blown styles is that they mis-shape and it’s difficult to maintain the look you had when you left the house! Work with your natural hair texture, and create a style that bounces back into shape. For example, really fabulous and precise straight cut will work well for fine hair, and well-cut curls are much more likely to pop back into shape than something that needs to be heavily styled, straightened or textured to recreate the look you want.
  4. Think carefully about the style you want for winter.
    • Looking after it with an extra five minutes of care can save you hours of time on those cold dark mornings and the bleak winter evenings! Talk to us about what might work for you – we’d be delighted to advise.


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