Give your hair a spring-time boost

27 March 2018

Your hair has had to cope with a lot this winter.  What with the snow and cold temperatures we faced (and ramped up central heating to counter them), it’s no wonder if your hair’s looking a bit tired.

With warmer temperatures (hopefully) now on the way, why not give it a boost and improve its vitality and sheen ready for spring?  Here are 4 simple ways to give your hair a spring-time helping hand.

1. Moisturise your scalp

Your scalp dries out when exposed to cold temperatures and central heating, and this can damage your hair follicles. Reintroduce important oils by using a quality conditioner.  You can choose one to use regularly or treat yourself to a weekly indulgent mask.  Either way, try and nourish – and be mindful of how often you are washing your hair.

2. Have a styling appliance ‘detox’

It may sound scary but reducing your reliance on heated styling appliances can certainly give your hair a well-earned ‘breather’.  Consider making small changes –  using rollers instead of curling tongs, for example. Or having a day once in a while where you let your hair dry naturally or putting your hair up instead. If you find it difficult to avoid appliances,  make sure you use a heat-protectant spray when you style.

3. Stick to products that work for you (and get advice if you’re unsure)

It’s easy to get baffled and tempted by all the hair products that come onto the market.  Each is suited to different hair types and daily routines. Often people jump between different products, but this isn’t always good news for your hair.

It is great when you find products what work for you.  The trick is to make sure they do in the long-term as well as the short.  You don’t want a product aggravating your hair or scalp over time.  If you’re unsure about the products you use, it is a good idea to get advice on what will best suit your hair type and daily regime.  Talk to your hairstylist and try out samples first to be sure.  We’ll be happy to explore different options with you in a confidential consultation.

4. Up your water intake

We all know that it’s important to eat a healthy balanced diet and make sure we’re getting plenty of the right vitamins in order to have gorgeous hair.  One thing people often miss is keeping themselves hydrated with water.  Water is so important for the health of our whole body.  So, where possible, up your water intake – and certainly ease off the alcohol – as this can dehydrate you.

Can we help?

If you feel your hair needs a boost after the winter we’ve had, why not book in for a consultation at our Manchester Hair Salon with one of our specialists?

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