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How to style the French Girl Bob with Melissa Timperley Salons

21 November 2019

The messy bob is so on trend right now – it is the most asked for style. Whether or not you’ve had a bob before, the French girl bob is a great option and is suitable for most face shapes. A messy bob adds the ultimate sex appeal to your style (channel Taylor la Shae vibes) but it takes care and attention to get it right. Now get ready to learn how to how to create textured hair with your French girl bob with these tips brought to you by Melissa Timperley Salons!

How To Create the French Girl Bob

The French Girl bob is our most asked for short hair style!

How to create the look: Ask your hair stylist to cut the outline slightly curved towards the cheekbones. It is usually cut all one length for a really chunky shape.

To create ‘lived in’ texture simply spritz the hair with 7 Seconds Detangling Spray to add moisture, scrunch and twist products in to provoke movement and then spray UNITE Texturiza spray to add volume and hold.


1.   Pick a good hair stylist

The French girl bob needs to be cut properly, so please pick your hair stylist wisely. Ask your stylist to cut the hair all one length with the outline curving slightly up towards the cheekbones. The secret to success and to ensure no ‘mum bob’, is it needs to be a chunky shape. Sometimes depending on texture and density of the hair it can be layered with very long layers to ensure the most modern shape.

2.   Add ‘lived in’ texture

To create ‘lived in’ texture to your messy bob, spritz the hair with 7 Seconds Detangling Spray to add moisture. Next scrunch and twist products in to provoke movement. Then for the ultimate textured hair – spray on dry hair our best selling product UNITE Texturiza spray. This product is a miracle worker, but less is more!

Top Tip: If you have limp, fine or greasy hair, UNITE 7 Seconds Refresher is the perfect dry shampoo for creating textured hair. This clever spray creates body to a fringe but just like you would apply a deodorant before you have sweated do the same with your dry shampoo – apply on freshly washed hair to prevent grease from forming.


What you will need to create the look

To copy the French girl bob brought to you by Melissa Timperley Salon, you will need the Unite 7 Seconds Spray to scrunch into the hair. Keep your bob on point with UNITE Texturiza spray.


Did you love learning how to style your French girl bob? There’s plenty more tutorials available by Melissa Timperley Salons, so bad hair days will now be a thing of the past! You really can have beautiful hair every day!

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