How to achieve beach waves without heat

13 May 2020

The current staying in and social distancing measures are giving people the chance to ease off the hot styling tools and give their hair a much needed breather.

It doesn’t mean, however, that we all can’t look glam and gorgeous in the process.

In our latest ‘at home’ hair styling tutorial, Melissa shows how to create wonderful lived-in waves without hot styling tools.


We recommend 3 Unite products for this

1. If you have fringe, refresh with the 7SECONDS Detangler and blowdry on cool setting.

2. Spray 7SECONDS Refresher Dry Shampoo at your roots to absorb any excess oil.

3. Spray and scrunch BEACH Day Sea Salt Spray into hair for a lived-in, beachy texture.


Watch the video

Now click on the image below to watch Melissa demonstrate the technique:


You can buy the products securely from our online store.

We hope you find the demonstration helpful and do be sure to let us know if there is any other advice you’d like us to cover in a video tutorial.

Keep well and stay safe, and we so hope to see you soon.

The Melissa Timperley Salons Team x

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