Using hair colour to create your ideal face shape

4 November 2017

You can make great use of colour to help you to create your ideal face shape. Here’s how to subtly transform your features.

Long face shapes

If you have a longish face you can make it appear shorter by working in a lighted shade lower down the hair – from your eyes to the tips of your hair – and use a darker tones up top. It really does work to change how your face is viewed.

Round faces

With round faces it is good to have lighter colours at the top of the head and darker tones towards the neck. This gives more contouring and shaping to the face and helps to accentuate cheek bones.

Oblong and heart-shaped faces

For oblong and heart shaped faces it’s the opposite, as it’s good to have lighter colours towards the lower half of the face and darker ones at the top of the head. These soften the angle of the oblong or heart point and give the illusion of subtly shortening the facial shape.

Flexible colour styling

And if you want weekend edgy hair which returns to a professional look for work on Monday morning, here’s an idea that’s trending. Go for a coloured undercut at the nape of your neck and wear your hair up for a sophisticated and sexy look for Saturday.  Then, simply drop your hair down to cover it up on Sunday night!

One final tip is that whatever colour you choose, it should also factor in your skin tone, eye colour, complexion and clothing colour preferences.  You don’t want your new hair colour to jar with your features, make you look washed-out or cause you to have to invest in a completely new wardrobe!

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