Flyaway fringe hairstyles

The flyaway fringe is a must-have this festive season

2 December 2017

Inspired by the latest celebrity looks, the flyaway fringe is a great hairstyle to mark the 2017 festive season. Not only is versatile – you can have it with short hair, up-dos, mid and long hairstyles – it’s also easy to create both in the Salon and at home.

Flyaway fringe hairstyles 2

Party glamour

We love it with different hair colour combinations – high lights and low lights in particular can give a flyaway fringe style some gorgeous added depth.

And for ultimate party glamour, why not try a flyaway fringe with an up-do such as a messy bun, side knot or chignon.

Standing up to the elements

Winter can be tough on most hairstyles, but when the seasonal weather is at its worst this is a style really stands up to the elements.  No matter how strong the wind blows, the flyaway fringe continues to give you that touch of elegance.

Find the right style for you

Of course the flyaway fringe also works brilliantly for both a permanent or temporary look.  Talk to one of our super salon stylists on different flyaway fringe options which will best suit your face shape, facial tone, hair colour and the social diary you’ve got lined up!

Flyaway fringe hairstyle 3Creating the look at home

When trying to recreate the flyaway fringe we recommend UNITE Texturiser Spray. Spray it directly to the roots of dry hair, and with your fingers tease the fringe into your desired shape. You want it to look effortless but still glam. Finish with a touch of gloss spray.

Here’s a helpful hint: Make sure you use a dry gloss spray like UNITE 7 Seconds Glossing Spray for the perfect long lasting look.

 Also don’t forget to check your foundation and make up is going to work well with your new swept back look.  With more of your face exposed, it’s important to avoid any noticeable make up boundaries around your hairline.  Again our stylists can help, and we also have specialist make-up artists who can give you advice.

Can we help?

So if you’ve been inspired of late by the flyaway fringe and swept back looks on the world’s red carpets and catwalks, why not give yourself a touch of glamour too.  You deserve it.  Book in for a consultation with one of our senior stylists – we’ll create that stunning flyaway fringe look for you for this year’s festive season.

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