Delightful Dark Hair Balayages

20 February 2020

People often associate balayage styles with blonde hair colourings, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Balayage works brilliantly with dark hair and can be used for introducing subtle tones and hues, right through to making bigger and bolder statements with more dramatic sweeps of colour.

Balayage explained

For the unfamiliar, Balayage is the French hair colouring technique where the colour is painted onto the hair by hand. This means you don’t have to bother with the foils used in traditional highlighting methods.

A kaleidoscope of colours to choose from

The freehand application allows a more seamless effect to be created, with subtle transitions between the chosen colours – anything ranging from blonde, brunette, chocolate and red through to pastel shades and even bright neon-style colours if that’s your thing!

Look at this exciting range of dark hair balayage styles from our specialist team.

brown balayage brown balayage
brown balayage red balayage
brown balayage Lob style idea 7

Why balayage is ideal for dark hair

Balayage is great at giving depth and vibrancy to dark hair – be that black or dark brown hair.  The patches of light and shade at the heart of a good balayage also let you add multiple colours and hues that are right for the season or the look you want to create.

At the Manchester Balayage Centre at Melissa Timperley Salons, popular highlights with our dark-haired clients tend to include light brown, caramels, blondes russets and deep reds. We’ve also delighted clients looking to make more of a statement by introducing bold bright colours such as pinks, purples, greens and blues!

The key when creating a stunning balayage for dark hair is to choose a colour that will have the right level of lift and contrast to make a sophisticated difference.

All dark hair lengths catered for

And as the pictures on this page show, balayage styles aren’t restricted to long wavy locks. We’ve helped add vitality and vibrancy to dark haired balayages of all hair types and lengths – straight, choppy, curly and more.

Maintaining your dark hair balayage

Naturally, you’ll want your Balayage hair style to look good long after you’ve left the salon.  So do go easy on showering or washing your hair excessively immediately after a balayage treatment.  Also avoid shampoos and conditioners which use sulphates or silicones, as these can weaken the hair strands and make them brittle.  We always recommend UNITE shampoos which have wonderful natural oils and are gentle on the hair. They were designed by hairdressers for hairdressers

A weekly mask or conditioning treatment is another great way to give your hair a boost as well as add gloss and natural shine.

Remember that one of the beauties of the balayage style is that it is designed to have a ‘grown out’ look so you can go for much longer before a re-treatment – how long you can last will depend on your hair length and texture, and the look you are happy with. If you fancy having a bit of a boost without the colour, talk to your stylist about whether a toner would be helpful.  These can be a fabulous interim approach to help prolong the brightness and gloss of your balayage.

Can we help?

If you’ve been dreaming of a dark hair balayage, why not let us turn that dream into a reality.  Book in for an initial consultation with our friendly team of colour specialists.

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