Caring For Your Balayage Colour

12 March 2020

Naturally, you will certainly want your balayage hairstyle to look stunning long after you’ve left the salon, so here’s some helpful hair care tips from the Manchester Balayage Centre Team at Melissa Timperley Salons.

balayage hair care balayage hair care

balayage hair care

1. Pre-colour moisturise treatment before you balayage

Balayage works best when the colour is applied to healthy hair. So, in the weeks leading up to your balayage, talk to the team about a pre-colour moisturising treatment such as INNOluxe or switching to a fortifying shampoo and conditioner.  These will add in vital nutrients and proteins to get your hair in tip top condition for the application of the balayage colour.


2. Prolong the colour with a hair toner

For some clients we also recommend a hair toner as part of the treatment, as this can help to prolong the vibrancy of the colour and the condition of their hair.


3. Get the right shampoo

It’s important to avoid shampoos and conditioners which use sulphates or silicons, as these can weaken the hair strands and make them brittle.  We recommend UNITE shampoos which have wonderful natural oils.  A weekly mask or conditioning treatment will also give your hair a boost and add gloss and natural shine too.


4. Go easy on excessive washing and swimming

Try to limit how much washing your hair you do in the days after a colour treatment.  If you’re heading for your holiday and sunshine, sea or swimming pools – bear in mind these can all help to dry out your hair too. Wear a hat and pack protective treatments like the ones mentioned in the next tip.


5. Give added protection

Use replenishing treatments such as, 7 Second Mask – a UNITE product – and from time to time take a break from heated styling devices.  If you really need to use them, use a heat protection product like 7 Seconds Conditioning Spray before styling.


6. Touching up

Balayages are designed to have a ‘grown out’ look so you can go for much longer before a re-treatment – how long you can last will depend on your hair length and texture, and the look you are happy with. If you fancy having a bit of a boost without the colour, talk to your stylist about whether a toner would be helpful.  These can be a fabulous interim approach to help prolong the brightness and gloss of your balayage.


Can we help?

If you are thinking of a balayage and want to create the maximum wow factor, book in for an initial consultation with our friendly team of colour specialists. We can discuss your colour preferences and find styles and tones to create a simply stunning look for you.  Contact us on tel 0161 834 5945, email us at or book online at



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