Be bowled over by the bowl cut

13 December 2017

The bowl cut has been a big hit in 2017 and it looks like its popularity will extend well into 2018. Our stylists have had received plenty of bowl cut requests from clients in recent weeks.

It’s easy to see why. The bowl cut is a really versatile cut. It can be styled to all hair types and adapted for clients of all ages. It’s been really popular amongst celebrities, as it is a wonderful way to reveal gorgeous facial features.

But don’t worry, it is also a low-maintenance, effortless hairstyle to cope with when you’re at home.  So if you have a somewhat hectic lifestyle, the bowl cut may just be the answer to your dreams!

Plenty of bowl cut hairstyle options to choose from

Despite its name, there are actually many different bowl cut styles to choose from. Think of the range from boyish bowl cuts through to short sleek and elegant styles.  You can also combine it with a wide range of fringe styles and sumptuous colours for added variety.

At Melissa Timperley Salons, our stylists can add as much texture and colour as you want to get the bowl cut you’re after –  classy or edgy, androgynous or ultra-feminine. This is definitely a style that’s perfect if you like short and chic hair.

Have a look at these recent bowl cut creations…


Bowl cut essentials

The key to finding the right bowl cut for you is to book in for an initial consultation.  We can look at your facial structure, skin tone and discuss what style option is going to work best for you.

And rest assured you will look amazing. Our talented team of stylists specialise in precision-cutting (an essential for this type of style).  We also use INNOluxe products to ensure our clients’ bowl cuts feature healthy, shiny and gorgeous hair.


Let’s create the bowl cut of your dreams

So if you’ve been bowled over by the latest bowl cut looks, why not book in for a consultation at our hairdressers in Manchester with one of our talented stylists – we’ll be delighted to create that stunning and liberating look for you.


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