Autumn Balayage Ideas

Celebrate Autumn’s colour palette in beautiful balayage shades

26 October 2019

The Manchester Balayage Centre team at Melissa Timperley Salons has been weaving wonderful autumnal shades into gorgeous balayage and ombre creations.  Yes, it would appear that everyone is up for celebrating the season and echoing the amazing colours we’re seeing in nature at present.

And Balayage and Ombre hairstyles are perfect for introducing Autumnal shades and tones into your look.

A quick explanation…

For the unfamiliar, a balayage style creates a much more subtle and blended look as you ‘sweep’ colour through small sections of the hair.  Whilst you do see a lighter colour flowing downwards in the style, unlike Ombre, there are still some darker tones left at the base of the hair. This really helps Balayage to deliver a more natural and softer look.

In contrast, Ombre (which comes from the French word for shadow) is a striking two-toned hair colour effect which is often darker at the top and lighter at the bottom.  The colour technique in an Ombre sits in more distinctive blocks, which is why it is a more striking style.

It’s often popular with brunettes, but it is a style that can work on any hair colour style, length and texture.  In the Salon we’ve created marvellous Ombres for blondes as well as darker hair colours. We’ve even added distinctive colours such as red, pink and green into some clients’ styles.

One of the great attractions of balayage and ombre styles is that they can be a cost-effective colour transformation when you consider the top section/roots remain darker and require less frequent touching up.

Autumnal shades and tones

As you can probably imagine popular autumn shades – chestnut, hazel, copper, red, blonde, russet etc – offer an amazing palette for balayage and ombre creations.  Take a look at these recent styles from the Manchester Balayage Centre team here in the Salon.


Can we help?

If you would like to celebrate Autumn with a fresh balayage or ombre look, why not contact us for an initial consultation?  We’ll be delighted to help you make the most of the amazing colours available and give you a look that will wow everyone this season.

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