Best Hair Stylist Manchester

Award-Winning Hair Salon


Award-Winning Hair Salon

Melissa Timperly has quickly become one of the top hair salons in Manchester.  Following the notoriously difficult Sassoon hairdresser training, gaining Distinctions in both the Classic and Creative tests, Melissa has added a string of successes and qualifications to her portfolio to become an award-winning hairdresser.

At Melissa Timperley Salon we pride ourselves on providing excellence in the three C’s – Cut, Colour and Client experience. This ethos has been recognised by awards and attracted a loyal client base who love their local hair salon visit. Why not experience it for yourself…

Me & Rosie
It's my passion
Love designing
5 years old


That's what it's always about. I love designing beautiful hair; I always have and I feel I always will. It started early.

It's my passion; it's what I love, it's what I do.