Our salon hygiene and safety procedures

We want you to love your time with us…and fall back in love with your hair!

Here are the procedures we’ve put in place to make sure that your next visit to us is a happy, comfortable, enjoyable and, above all, safe one.


We can assure you that we’ve thought about every detail, so that we can make your visit as comfortable and special as possible. We’ve even been singled out by the Government and our industry body, the National Hair and Beauty Federation, as a ‘best practice’ case study for hairdressers in the UK.

We offer:

  • A single stylist throughout (to minimise unnecessary contact)
  • Touch-free sanitisers and soap dispensers (on all floors and in the restrooms)
  • Styling stations that comply with social distance rules (we have plenty of room here).
  • A fully sanitised and disinfected styling station, surrounding area and backwash (we have procedures to be super hygienic, for each individual client, all the time).
  • A single-use, disposable full-length gown – and a disposable mask (unless you are exempt).
  • All staff will wear approved gloves, protective garments and masks on all occasions, (so that both you, and us, are as safe as possible).
  • Perspex screens at reception, and procedures for disinfection of ‘high touch areas’ on a constant basis.
  • All our team are temperature tested every morning and do lateral flow tests three times a week.

Our key ‘house rules’ for clients

  • Use our hand sanitiser machine at the entrance and on each of the floors.
  • No waiting in reception (you and anyone accompanying you MAY need to wait outside) until your appointment. The best thing to do is arrive exactly on time.
  • On arrival answer our simple personal health questions so we can play our part in tracking
  • Put your own coat and belongings on the coat stand, separated from others
  • If you would like to, bring your own mask, or alternatively use one of our disposable ones
  • Use a credit or debit card to pay if at all possible

Our Salon ‘House Rules’ Infographic as a reminder

Covid 19 salon etiquette poster