Senior Stylist

Victoria is an incredible stylist, with a real, deep-rooted passion for all things hair. She loves how she can make people feel more confident about themselves through a fabulous cut and colour. She’s a prolific learner too, undertaking lots of courses and attends online events to stay on top of current trends and styles.

In addition to our own in-house ‘Melissa Salons Masterclass’ level specialist training, Victoria has just completed Project ClubStar, a 12-month mentoring programme run by the Fellowship of British Hairdressing, designed to develop a stylist’s artistic talent out of the salon environment. Her time on the team has led Victoria to work alongside industry legends such as Errol Douglas, Casey Coleman and our very own, Melissa Timperley.

In her spare time Victoria is never one to shy away from a good time having made her way through every hot spot in Manchester. She also loves going to music festivals and is off to Thailand later this year to explore what South-East Asia has to offer.

Check out Victoria’s latest work on her Salon Instagram page: